Organic, Environmentally Friendly, and Fair Trade Plush Toys

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Custom Organic and Eco-Friendly Plush Toys Manufactured with Fair Trade Labor Practices

Make My Toy manufactures custom plush toys (sometimes known as stuffed animals, plushies, or stuffed toys) for clients worldwide. We are also pleased to be partnered with Bears for Humanity to produce plush toys made with GOTS Certified organic cotton, and environmentally friendly fabrics made from recycled PET plastic bottles. All of the stuffed toys are Fair Trade certified from farm to factory. This unique manufacturing partnership allows us to produce beautiful, as well as affordable, plush toys that you can be sure were produced in a safe and ethical manner in the Bears for Humanity factory in India. There are no other plush manufacturers that use Fair Trade certified manufacturing practices to produce organic and eco-friendly toys. Creating organic fabrics without the use of chemicals and pesticides – while also using Fair Trade labor that pays the farm workers and factory workers a living wage in good working conditions – takes a bit more time than does the standard fabric used in standard, everyday plush. We also only use pure, vegetable-based, dyes to achieve the coloring required. Many of the fabrics used are custom made and dyed for each unique production. Organic cotton is most frequently used to make our materials, but we can also use a variety of other fibers, such as organic linen to make our fabrics.

The Organic/Eco-Friendly Plush Toy Manufacturing Process


organic plush toy lionPrototyping: creating the sample

There are a few different ways to approach the manufacturing of plush toys. They all begin with creating a prototype (sample), based on the information and imagery that you provide. Changes are made until you are satisfied with and approve the design. Once the prototype looks good in photos, we send the sample to you so you are able to give a “hands on” approval of the final design. At this point, we are ready to move forward with mass production. Since each production has different design specifications and materials, we work with each client individually to walk through and explain every step in the process.

ManufacturingPlush Toy Sewing

Because of the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly and worker-friendly supply chain, times for manufacturing are longer than a plush toy made elsewhere. Production times range anywhere from 45 days (for toys made with recycled, post-consumer content fiber) to 120 days (for toys made with organic natural fibers) after sample approval. Our minimum order quantity for these eco-friendly custom plush is usually about 1000 pieces. Exact minimums will depend on the size of the plush and the required materials. Before beginning our manufacturing process, we sign a production contract with the client that spells out exactly how the process works, what you will receive, and when you can expect to see it. Once production is completed, delivery times via ocean are approximately 30-40 days, while air freight times can vary from 2-10 days depending on the freight carrier. We always look for the best shipping rates available for whatever delivery method the client requires. We also do not mark up shipping costs.

Toy Manufacturing Costs

Pricing of each manufactured toy varies with the particular design, size, and quantities. After consulting with you on the specifics of what you will need for your toy, we will be able to give you a firm quote for manufacturing costs. You will know what everything will cost before we begin production of the toy. Calculating shipping weights and volumes prior to manufacturing is very difficult, but we can estimate likely final costs of the toys as delivered to your door or loading dock. When it does come time to ship your completed order, we will have a firm quote based on actual measured weights and cubic volume of the shipment.


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