Initial quotes are based on imagery and information given to us about your toy. These quotes tend to be very close to the final cost, however due to the nature of the manufacturing process, a confirmed quote must be given once the sample prototype is finished and approved by you. The confirmed quote will be guaranteed for a set period of time, usually at least 30 days. Shipping costs also tend to fluctuate with changes in the global shipping market, so final shipping costs are also quoted for a set period of time.
We charge a small fee to create a sample prototype toy for your approval. Sample fees vary according to the size, type of toy, and number of sample designs you are having made. For plush toys this is most often about $400 for an average size design up to about 12 inches, and a bit more for larger plush. Prototypes for plastic, vinyl, or resin figures typically cost $500 or more. When you place an order for manufacturing at more than 750 pieces, a portion of this sample fee is applied toward the costs of your order. Sample fees include revisions and shipping of the finished sample to you for hands-on approval prior to manufacturing.
We can significantly reduce the cost of each individual sample prototype design if you are having us sample more than one toy design at a time. The degree of reduction will depend on the toy and the number of different designs in question. Please fill out the quote form for the first toy and list the others in the message section of the form. Include imagery, if you have it, of each toy.
Initially, photos of the prototype from multiple angles are e-mailed to you for comments. We will modify the prototypes until they look right in photos and then the physical sample is sent to you for final approval prior to beginning production. The sample fee includes all necessary revisions and shipping costs.
Assuming we begin with a design drawing to reference, we can typically get the initial prototype sample constructed within 7-10 working days. Revisions are usually done in 2-4 days per revision. It's not unusual for there to be a few revisions in sample development, so a fully completed sample prototype may take a few weeks to be ready to ship to you to see up close. Rush sampling in as few as 1-4 days, included in a rush production of 20-25 days, is available depending on design and production capacity at the factory.
We use several different factories in China for standard plush toy production, and a Fair Trade certified factory in India for production of plush in GOTS Certified organic fabrics and eco-friendly Recycled PET fabrics. The Indian factory is run in partnership with Bears for Humanity using their certified Fair Trade supply chain. The factory we choose will be according to the specific nature of what type of toy, quantities of eventual production, your required time line, and budget.
Typical production times at the factories we use in China are 35-45 days after design approval. Production times for the Fair Trade factory with organic or recycled PET fabrics can take from 45-120 days depending on the type of fabric being used. Manufacturing times can also vary according to quantities and complexity of the toy, as well as the workload at the factory. We will give you the most accurate time estimate once the sample is completed to your approval and you are ready to begin production. Once production is completed, delivery times via ocean are approximately 30-40 days, while air freight times can vary from 2-10 days depending on the freight carrier. All told, including a few weeks for an average sample to be produced and approved, we recommend allotting about 14 weeks for standard ocean delivery and about 8-10 weeks for delivery by air freight. During certain times of the year, usually starting in early summer, the factories can be very busy fulfilling the next season’s holiday orders. This may add a bit of time to sample construction and production runs.
Yes. Due to rush factors like overtime labor and expedited materials acquisition, costs may be higher than a standard production by about 15-20%. We will be able to quote rush costs exactly once we understand the product being made and the degree of the rush.
We can include all transportation from the factory to your front door in our quote. We will need your postal code on your quote request to provide this shipping estimate. Once manufacturing is complete and the exact weight and volume of your order are known, all shipping costs will be finalized. If you prefer to handle shipping through your own carrier, we can also quote you a price without all of the above. We always look for the best combination of speed and budget when arranging transport. All shipping is done at actual cost. We do not markup shipping costs for our customers, so you will always be getting the best shipping rates available. Cost for tariffs, Customs fees and Customs inspections are not included in our quotes and are generally paid separately in the destination country prior to release from Customs.
We take the safety of the toys we make for you very seriously and our factories guarantee that all toys will meet or exceed all current international safety standards to the age range you specify. We provide safety testing certification to the latest ASTM 963F / CPSIA testing protocol -- or whichever testing standard you require for your country. Testing is done by internationally accredited independent labs as either a separate line item, or included in the quotation. Which way we quote depends on the factory that will be doing the manufacturing. You will receive a detailed certification document showing all test results.
Yes! We can add modules to toys to provide almost any sound, lighting, or movement you could want. Minimums for these components may be higher than our standard toy minimums.
Yes! We can guide you in design decisions for toys for younger children and infants, and put the toys through the appropriate tests for certification.
Unfortunately, in most cases it is not feasible to manufacture below our stated minimum quantities. Exceptions are sometimes made in the cases of very large oversized plush, wearable mascot characters, and other unique projects. If you are looking for a sample to show to potential backers or buyers, you can have a prototype constructed for that purpose. For plastic and vinyl figures, the prototype will be created out of Polyurethane (PU) or special resins rather the final material.