Custom Plush Toy Manufacturing

Make My Toy manufactures custom plush toys (sometimes known as stuffed animals or stuffed toys) for clients worldwide.  Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for plush toys is currently 1000 pieces.



The Plush Toy Manufacturing Process


Based on the information and imagery that you provide, a sample prototype is produced for small fee.  Changes are made until you are satisfied with and approve the design, all at no additional charge and without obligation to order.  Once the prototype looks good in photos, we send the sample to you so you are able to give a “hands on” approval of the final design.  If you decide to proceed with production, a portion of the sample fee is refunded as a credit towards the manufacturing order.  If you decide you are not ready to proceed with production then the sample is still yours to keep. For specifics of the manufacturing credit, please see our FAQ page.



Typical production times at the factories we use are 35-45 days after design approval. Manufacturing times will vary according to quantities and complexity of the toy, as well as the workload at the factory. We will give you a more accurate estimate once the sample is completed to your approval and you are ready to begin production.  Once production is completed, delivery times via ocean are typically 30-50 days, while air freight times can vary from 2-10 days depending on the freight carrier.  Rush orders are possible with some designs for an additional fee.


Toy Manufacturing Costs

Pricing of each manufactured toy varies with the particular design, size, and quantities.  In addition, materials and production costs fluctuate over time.  Our quotes include the expected manufacturing costs on a per-piece basis for the given quantity. Usually the estimate will be able to include the costs for safety certifications for your country in the per-piece cost. If that isn’t the case, we will let you know if we have to quote the certification testing fees as a separate line item. Once you approve your sample prototype, we will give you a firm quote for manufacturing, good for a fixed period, usually at least 30 days. Calculating shipping weights and volumes prior to manufacturing isn’t exact, but we can roughly estimate your final costs of the toys as delivered to your door or loading dock if you provide us with your postal code and country of delivery. When it does come time to ship your completed order, we will have a firm quote based on actual measured weights and cubic volume of the shipment. We never mark up shipping costs and will look for the best pricing based on your location and required speed of delivery. You are also free to arrange your own shipping if you prefer.